Microtron is more than just a distributor. For more than 40 years, the customer has been central for us, and we have evolved as our customer's needs have evolved. In addition to an extensive range of products, we also have a whole range of services with which we assist our customers. For every project, large or small, our experts are ready to guide you from start to finish. 

Analysis & Design

Keystone to success: preparation! Under the motto "a good start is half the work", we attach great importance to the good analysis and design of each project. Whether it is a RFID or a IoT project, rolling out a data network or installing a WiFi network, you will not be left with unpleasant surprises. Through intake interviews and site surveys together with your team, we get the complete picture.  Our experts work out a personalized solution for you based on this.

Drawing up tenders & specifications

Specifications and tenders - it is an art unto itself. In order to have a chance of winning, you have to take a great many rules into account. Our consultants can help you with this. Not only do they know the procedures, thanks to our extensive portfolio, we are also able to assist you with brand-independent advice. We thus work with you to find the perfect solution to win the project.


When too many technical and practical questions arise, we recommend conducting an in-depth study. By working out a prototype, testing can be done to determine whether the right technologies have been chosen (Proof of Technology), whether the elaborated solution achieves the intended functionalities (Proof of Concept) and what added value it offers (Proof of Value). In short, Microtron's experts provide a solid foundation, necessary for the implementation of a successful project. 

Expertise in complex issues

Our consultants are determined to find the right solutions. They are aware of the latest technologies and with the necessary experience, knowledge and creativity, they assist you when you are faced with this difficult task. We have specialists in RFID, IoT, industrial computers whose passion is to solve complex issues, so do not hesitate to contact us. 


Our consultants do not only assist you in developing a technical solution. An important aspect when preparing a project is undoubtedly budgeting. You can count on our consultants for a well-founded budget quotation. They try to take all factors into account in order to get the best possible picture of all costs. That means you will not be faced with unexpected extra costs during the execution of the project. 

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