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Narda certification

Radiation sources are all around us, but when is radiation harmful? What standards must be observed, and how can we measure the radiation? With Narda, we have the perfect tools for you for this. You can call on our specialists to carry out the measurements for you and to provide you with the correct certificate. You can also choose to perform the measurements yourself. Our team will be happy to help you with the necessary training so that you can do this completely autonomously.  


Calibration of your device is done by our Engineer on site or in our specialized lab. Whether it concerns Narda measuring devices or FormFactor Probe stations, Microtron ensures that your device meets the right standards. 


Our team will come to your location to complete the installation. Large or small installations, we do not shy away from any challenge. Our specialists come on site and ensure that the installation is done properly, down to the smallest details. We only deliver after extensive testing.

Field Service

We also send our experienced technicians on the road. Not only to solve a problem, but also for preventive maintenance. The customer is always central to us, and we will do everything we can to ensure that the nuisance for you is limited as much as possible by developing a custom module for you so that you are sure to get the right support that your organization requires.

Analysis & Design

Keystone to success: preparation! Under the motto "a good start is half the work", we attach great importance to the good analysis and design of each project. Whether it is a RFID or a IoT project, you will not be left with unpleasant surprises. Through intake interviews and site surveys together with your team, we get the complete picture.  Our experts work out a personalized solution for you based on this. 

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