A new generation and promising future for Microtron

Fernand Schrijvers, owner and director of Microtron, is passing the torch on to a new generation. Since 1 December 2023, Hewad Mohmand and Pieter Nickmans have each managed their own departments and have led Microtron toward an even brighter future. The three men look forward to a promising future for Microtron.

A duo in the cockpit

Hewad and Pieter are no strangers to Microtron with their years of experience with the company. Hewad started at Microtron six years ago as an account manager for the Netherlands, became manager of Microtron Netherlands and grew to become Commercial Manager Benelux. His natural leadership and work experience in industrial PCs and computer memory bring a lot of added value to the company. After six years, he was ready to start in the new position.

Pieter started at Microtron three and a half years ago as an IT coordinator and can now call himself Operations Manager Benelux. With a background as an IT consultant and an interest in production and technical innovation, he is really in the right place in his new position. When Pieter was asked to take on more responsibility within the company, it piqued his interest.

The fact that Fernand has been leading the commercial and operational sections alone for so long is really impressive to the duo. "A miracle,” Fernand adds, laughing. In their new positions, his successors will take on more responsibilities, make more decisions and develop their own vision even further within Microtron.

The transition from old to young

Why did Fernand step aside? He is convinced that the time has come for the younger generation to take the helm. “Pieter and Hewad have the mentality and skills to take on their new responsibilities. Their character and ambition are known, they are very reliable and involved in the company, and they always see things from the customer's point of view. This combination made choosing them the obvious path," Fernand says.

A brief sketch of Microtron's evolution

“40 years ago when Microtron was founded, we didn't talk about computers. We sold components, parts such as microprocessors, memory and capacitors to assemble motherboards. Over the years, that market has grown and changed. Customers no longer order separate components but have the motherboard assembled by other companies."

“At Microtron, we specialized in motherboards with specific applications. In the future, industrial PCs will remain the core business," Fernand assures us. His successors do want to specialize more in different markets. Under the duo's leadership, Microtron will go back to the core: focusing on the core business of the company and further conquering the markets from this strong position.

Fernand's future plans and lessons

Hewad respects how Fernand manages the business and human aspects of entrepreneurship. The fact that Fernand possesses these skills is reflected in his ability to attract and retain good employees. About 80% of the employees have been working for the company for over 5 years. The employees are loyal to Microtron. Microtron is a small company with a flat structure, but the company offers numerous training opportunities and stimulates employees to pursue their goals. The team complements each other well. Hewad and Pieter therefore want to continue this pleasant working atmosphere and growth opportunities.

A golden tip

It is clear that Fernand is satisfied with his successors from the tip he offers them for their new managerial roles: they should carry on as they are doing now. Fernand sees no change for Hewad and Pieter, only good growth in their roles, whereby he remains behind them as a coach.

Keep following Microtron to see Hewad and Pieter's changes. Do you have a complex problem for which a technological adaptation can offer the solution? Our engineers are happy to work with you on your issue.

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