Mobile computers

Mobile computers
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To achieve success and efficient profits in this digitally connected world, it is important that your employees have the right type of computer at their disposal to perform their tasks smoothly. Every situation requires a different mobile computer. To simplify and facilitate the work of forklift drivers, we have a broad selection of ultra-rugged vehicle-mounted  computers that will continue to do their job in any environment.

If you want to create even more flexibility in order to increase the productivity of your employees, you are sure to find a way in our extensive range of mobile computers.
But if you need, among other things, more computing power and a larger display, take a peek at the range of ultra-rugged tablets.

Finally, there is also our range of wearable computers if it is important that your employees have both hands free while performing their work. 

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Handheld computers

The most well-known product line of mobile computers are handheld devices. These devices combine the necessary computing power with the required strength to enable your employees to perform their jobs in the most efficient and flexible way. The range of handheld computers is very extensive and offers numerous possibilities depending on the user's wishes, the application and…

Tablet computers

If your working environment requires high computing power, as well as the flexibility that a portable device offers, we have an extensive range of rugged tablets for you. These tablets can be equipped with numerous options including identity card reader or built-in barcode scanner, and they are also available with an external keyboard or vehicle docking station. Furthermore,…

Vehicle-mounted computers

Due to the ever-increasing amount of orders that have to be processed, as well as the ever-increasing complexity of the picking processes, having a powerful computer on forklifts is increasingly necessary. With a broad choice of options, we can put together the perfect solution for you. You have the choice between control via touchscreen, built-in keyboard or even a robust external…

Wearable computers

When you need both hands to do your job, while also using a computer, a wearable computer can offer a solution. These computers can be easily attached to your arm or wrist and may or may not be equipped with a ring scanner.

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Orientation phase

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