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Industrial Display

 Industrial Display
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Industrial displays are increasingly found in various applications. In control rooms, in maritime solutions, even in shopping environments. It goes without saying that many factors must be taken into account when choosing a display. What conditions are they exposed to? Will they be installed outside and face harsh weather conditions? Or will they be placed inside where they come into contact with extreme temperatures? Robust housing, stainless steel, water-resistant display, capacitive or resistive touchscreen… Our displays are constantly optimized with the most innovative technologies to meet all your needs. Contact us and, together with our experts, you will find the perfect display for your application.

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Marine Display

Not only do the marine displays in our range have a rugged design and anti-reflection on the screens, they also meet the standards EN60945 and DNVGL-GG-0339.

Stainless Steel display

Our stainless-steel displays have a rugged design and connections for M12 connectors. In addition, they are resistant to high pressure water jets and are available in IP65, IP67, IP68 and IP69. Optical bonding is used for the display to increase readability.

Waterproof display

With stainless steel housing and IP rating from 65 to 69, we have the perfect waterproof displays for your damp to wet environments. They are also equipped with projected capacitive touchscreens and have wide range DC 9~36V.

Wide Screen display

Are you looking for a wide screen display? Discover our extensive range of 16:9/21:9 aspect ratio screens with zero bezel. You also have the choice to give your design a personal touch.

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The products on our website are just a small selection of our total offer. In order to best meet your wishes, we opt for customization.

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Step 1
Orientation phase

We map out your needs and discuss the ultimate goal with you

Microtron Avatar MIA
Step 1
Orientation phase

We map out your needs and discuss the ultimate goal with you

Step 2
Definition phase

We formulate the needs necessary to achieve your desired end result

Step 3
Concept Design phase

Our Smart Technology Engineers design a specific solution for your needs

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