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Which other hardware will it need to be connected to?

Was another solution used for this project, and, if so, which one(s)?

2. Environment

Where will the system be installed?

What is the minimum and the maximum ambient temperature?

What IP rating is needed for the solution?

How do you intend to mount the system?

3. Technical requirements

What IPC solution are you looking for?

Specific footprint/dimensions for the IPC solution?

Which processor do you need?

Which connections and minimum quantities do you need?

How will you power the system?

How much storage space and what type of storage do you need at minimum?

How much RAM do you need?

Is wireless communication required?

Which operating system?

4. Practical points

How many systems do you think you need for your project?

Is it a one-time order or a long-term project? (orders on call)

Is there a specific regulation that needs to be taken into account?

Do you need support with the software?

Would you like a maintenance contract?

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Box PC

Box PC
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These fanless PCs with DIN rail mounting are easy to install in junction boxes and can be integrated on your infrastructure without worries. Extremely suitable for industry or installation technology. Microtron will work with you to find the best customized solution!

Digital Signage PC

The digital signage PC allows you to communicate easily via TV screens. Ideal for communicating with customers. These systems must often be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Microtron, we have an extensive range, only high-quality brands to offer you the perfect solution.

In-Vehicle PC

When computers are installed in lorries, buses, trains or emergency response vehicles, they must be able to withstand an impact. Our In-vehicle PCs are shock and vibration resistant, meet the EN50155 standard and are easily expandable thanks to multiple I/O ports.

Industrial PC

Reliable and powerful! The industrial components guarantee excellent performance in the most demanding environments. Available in prebuilt version, tested and burned or custom configured according to your needs.

Marine PC

The marine PCs in our range are fanless, have a robust design and are resistant to extreme temperatures. Ideal for heavy maritime work environments. In addition, they meet the standards EN60945 and DNVGL-GG-0339.

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Step 1
Orientation phase

We map out your needs and discuss the ultimate goal with you

Microtron Avatar MIA
Step 1
Orientation phase

We map out your needs and discuss the ultimate goal with you

Step 2
Definition phase

We formulate the needs necessary to achieve your desired end result

Step 3
Concept Design phase

Our Smart Technology Engineers design a specific solution for your needs

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