5G in your work environment: what is the influence on the human body and how do you monitor the safety standard?

Do you regularly come into contact with electromagnetic fields? Do you want to be able to measure the radiation level in your working environment? Monitor the legal limit values? Since 2016, employers are obliged to protect employees against the risks of electromagnetic radiation. Has this already been mapped out for you? With the right measuring equipment, you gain more insight into the risks associated with your working conditions.

The influence of 5G

It goes without saying that strict safety standards are associated with the radiation level of antennas. In general, we should therefore not worry too much about the consequences for our health, but too much exposure to radiation is of course not recommended.

A lot has to do with the distance to the cell towers. 5G works with much shorter waves than 4G. This means that they radiate less far, but they do use much higher frequencies and beam forming.

Guarantee safety

Do you come into close contact with antennas and their electromagnetic radiation on a daily or very regular basis for your job? For example, when installing or maintaining these antennas, or are there masts on the roof or near your company? Then it is recommended to measure the radiation level regularly and to monitor the safety of yourself and your employees.

A solution for every application

Today's measuring instruments are much better than in the past and can measure with increased specificity. Where we used to only have broadband options, we now also have selective meters that look at narrow bandwidths.

The EMF measuring devices that we distribute are ideal for gaining insight into the risks that are present in certain work environments and for identifying unknown hazards.

There are different types of devices available for different applications. For example, there are personal protective equipment devices that are mainly worn on the body and that detect EMF and RF fields. They warn you when field strengths are too high for your safety, so you can take the necessary measures. Electromagnetic environmental meters are ideal for monitoring and checking the legally imposed limits. We also have testers that can detect malfunctions or sources of interference.

The EMF measuring equipment range is extremely extensive and is technologically very advanced. That is why Microtron's experts are always available for further explanation of the possibilities and applications of the products. Microtron guides you in making the most suitable choice for your specific application. In addition, EMF demo material is also available, so it is possible to perform tests on site.

Curious about whether your working environment meets the safety standards? Contact Microtron for a free EMF demo.

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